Aban is a Persian name, meaning water.

Aban is a former Iraqi security force member with a missing arm. He moved to New York City as a gift from an American Benefactor after receiving an injury in the line of service. He was working security when he came across a bomb. He was instructed to try and disarm the bomb in the field, without proper training or tools so a motorcade could get though. When he began to disarm the explosive, his patrol was ambushed and he blew off his left arm just beneath the elbow.

Aban woke up in a military hospital, in lots of pain and anger. His entire squad had died, and he was left wounded. He fell to despair and became very depressed. He would no longer be fit for service because of his injury, and he became very biter towards his superiors. At his darkest moment, an American friend offered him a job working as a private investigator in the United States.


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