The Tin Men

Mildly Successful PI Firm


This is how we will represent your PI Firm, The Tin Men. Your firm has 5 aspects (for lack of a better term), and over the course of the game you will earn points you can spend in these aspects. Each time you spend a point in one of these aspects, you improve that portion of your firm, which allows you to do things like hire more employees or upgrade your computer systems. Essentially, the money you make from your cases (after expenses) will be put into growing the firm’s capabilities.

Each time a point is spent in one of the aspects, a “skill” point can be spent within that aspect to improve it in some way. For instance, after putting a point in “Equipment” you could spend your skill point to either improve the Computers skill of your firm, thereby increasing it’s ability to research for you, or spend a point on increasing the number of computers (sort of), thereby decreasing the time it takes for research to be done.


Equipment boils down to your computers and the databases you have access to. Databases cost money to have access to and you need a lot of them to be effective, combine that with the expense of having several computers and keeping them current and you have one expensive area of your business. This aspect functions by performing research with a set Computers skill, the base skill level is Average. Putting more money into this aspect helps you perform more detailed analyses of the databases and decreases the time it takes to do so.

Skill Points can be spent on one of the two choices:

  • Computing Power – increase Computers skill one rank
    • This allows your firm to get better skill results, increasing the amount of information they can provide for you
  • Processing Power – decrease the time it takes to make skill checks
    • This increases the number of computers and processing power of the computers to speed the results of data mining.


Personnel is the man-power of your firm outside of the three major players. Currently you have 2 analysts on staff, 1 guard you use at the front door (who works sort of like a bouncer), and 1 open position. Analysts keep your business running while you’re tracking down leads and help you out when you’re sifting through the evidence. Bodyguards keep the crazies out and the facility safe, but if you need a little extra muscle for a job, they’re right there with you. PI’s let you handle multiple cases at once, making sure no case falls through the cracks.

Skill points can be spent on one of the three choices:

  • Analysts – Increase the number of analysts you can hire by 1
    • Analysts allow you to get research accomplished while you are hunting down other leads. The increasing the number of analysts lets you research multiple projects at once or focus energy on one project, getting results faster
      • Adding multiple analysts to the same project reduces the time by 25%
        • Reductions are not cumulative; each new analyst reduces the new time by 25%, not the original
  • Security – Increase the number of guards and bodyguards you can hire by 1
    • Greater security reduces the possibility of break-ins and allows you to bring bodyguards along when necessary
    • Bodyguards have the following stat line:
      • Aspect: Bodyguard
      • Intimidate 1
      • Awareness 1
      • Handguns 1
      • Area Knowledge (One of the Boroughs) 1
  • Gum Shoes – Increase the number of PI’s you can hire by 1
    • More PIs means you can handle more cases at once, however your PIs will be running the investigations.
    • PIs have the following stat line
      • Aspect: Private Investigator
      • Search 1
      • Contacts 1
      • Interrogate 1
      • Area Knowledge (One of the Boroughs) 1


Your facilities say a lot about you, mainly your level of success and your overall hygiene. However, running a growing business means that sometimes you may need to upgrade your building to meet your needs. Every aspect point spent on facilities increases the space for employees by 2 and allows you to add one of the following features:

  • Conference Room
  • Interrogation Room
  • Small Gym and Locker Room
  • Additional Escape Routes
    • All buildings will have fire escapes, but if you feel you need more ways out than the front door, your realtor can certainly find you a building that has some.


Contacts represent your street presence. Knowing what people have seen and heard is paramount to solving cases, because you never know what clue will crack a case wide open. You can develop contacts whenever, but maintaining them requires time and money. Some people want cash for information, others want favors, either way it takes effort to maintain contacts.

Skill points in contacts can be spent on one of three choices:

  • Ears Everywhere – gain 3 new street-level contacts.
    • Street-level contacts (cops call them “mopes”) are mainly cash for information, but they may ask for a hand if they get jammed up by the cops.
    • Their information is typically rumors and eye-witness accounts.
  • Inside Man – gain a criminal informant contact
    • Criminal informants (known as CI’s) tend to be professional criminals out on parole. They tend to be on the up-and-up, but they are quite knowledgeable on “crime theory,” as their alleged crimes have never been proven.
    • They are more favor oriented and are willing to consult discretely on their areas of expertise.
      • If you want them to dust off their tools and use their skills again however, that will require a big favor because if you get them arrested they go back to jail for a long time.
  • Good Samaritan – gain two business professional contacts
    • Business professionals are simply normal, white-collar stiffs you pay to consult on your cases. They can help look through finances, explain legal documents, interpret building plans, or give you autopsy results and their meaning. These are mostly cash for information as many of them chalk this up to consultant work.
    • Their expertise is helpful in gleaning information from documents beyond your comprehension or getting access you don’t have.

Fate Point Capacity:

Your firm is capable of making several checks to aid you in your investigation, but not every aspect has a check it can make. Therefore, using the standard “check aspect box for reroll” makes some aspect more powerful than others, so I have devised a different setup for this. Your firm has fate points it can spend when making checks during the game and they function like normal fate points (uses of fate points listed below) with a few notable exceptions:

Uses of Fate Points:

  • Gain a +1 on a check
  • Gain a narrative consideration
  • Cancel another fate point
  • Reroll a skill check

Your fate point capacity initially starts at 3, which refresh at the beginning of every game. Spending a point on this aspect increases the pool by 2. This may seem powerful, but remember that this is functioning as both the fate point and aspect point “pools” that a player typically has, and the facility has almost no way of negatively invoking their aspects in order to gain more fate points during a game.


Equipment: 1
– Computing Power 0
– Processing Power 0
Personnel: 1
– Positions: 4 available, 1 open
– Analysts: 2
– Security: 1
– PI’s: 0
Facilities: 1
Contacts: 1
– Mopes: 0
– CI’s: 0
– Business Pros: 0
Fate Point Capacity: 3

The Tin Men

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