A Hard Day's Night

Updated Version
Wiki Formatting 2: The Reckoning

I found an updated version of Fate with an SRD online and I have decided to update my wiki to that version. Everything but the combat section has been updated thus far, but the combat section is going to take a bit because I’m not sure my tables still work. Ugh. Good news for you guys is, there is a new section of the skills page labeled Stunts that you guys can use to personalize your characters. The skill list has also been shortened dramatically to make it easier for both of use to make your skill ranks meaningful, and it also makes the stunts more flavorful as they help you stand out more amongst everyone else at the same skill rank.

For those of you who haven’t looked at the Wiki Main Page yet, no worries. Please take a look at it though, I have put more than a few hours into formatting, writing and coming up with additional examples for you that are different from the ones on the SRD.

Here’s the link for the SRD if you’re interested. We won’t necessarily use everything on that site however, so you may want to look through my stuff first before you read their stuff.



In the beginning there was nothing but darkness. Go to the Home Page to see the rules for making a character and bring some light into the world.


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