Fate Points

Fate points are a valuable resource that you can use to boost rolls or make story considerations for yourself. Those of you familiar with plot points from Serenity and systems like it will see some similarities between fate points and plot points, however, fate points do not give you nearly as much narrative control.

For the most part, fate points are meant to give you the little boost you need to get through a skill challenge, or to keep the story moving along. Here are the uses of fate points:

1. Boosting a roll
A fate point can be spent to positively invoke an aspect and gain a +2. This can be done before or after the dice are rolled and this is the most common use for fate points. To use this method, you must describe how your aspect is being used to provide the bonus to you.

2. Gaining a Reroll
A fate point can be spent to invoke an aspect to gain a reroll as well. Again, you need to describe how your aspect plays into giving you a reroll.

3. Gain a narrative consideration
You can spend a fate point to have the right tool for the situation with you, show up in a situation at just the right moment, or even to know a person to talk to about a certain topic. This expenditure lives in a grey area, so as long as it seem like something that would be small but beneficial, it’s probably okay. As GM I have full veto rights to how these are used (not always in a negative way, I may say that there is no need to spend a fate point as that is reasonable to have without luck being involved). These uses are mostly for style and flavor. What makes a game more fun then dropping down the chute into the creepy murder basement to stop the creature from eating the girl, then getting to do that and have time for a snappy one-liner?


Refreshes are a pool of fate points that you start with every session, and every character starts with a refresh of 3. The pool can be increased when you achieve a major milestone (complete a story arc). The only other important part about this pool is that it cannot go below 1.

Fate Points

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