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Alright, I’m to the point now in making this game where I need some idea of what characters you guys want to play. As far as the background for the game I’m planning a story-driven detective game inspired by Supernatural and True Detective set in present day New York City.

To help come up with character concepts here are a few guidelines:

1. You will have no prior experiences with anything supernatural. Superstitions are fine, but saying you’ve seen a ghost will get your ass locked up in a looney bin.

2. The game will start in NYC so have something of an idea how you got there. You don’t need to have a whole life and timeline for being there, just a rough idea.

3. I’m gonna have you guys work for your own private investigator firm, so if someone wants to be in charge of running that, you’re more than welcome to. Just decide among yourselves on that, otherwise it can just be a more loose grouping of people that combined resources to pay for business space and access to databases for their various work (PI, bounty hunting, blackmail, etc.)

4. I will try and incorporate older religions and superstitions if you choose to make a character from a specific region or background (Shinto for Japanese, Greek/Roman mythology, Celtic and Gaelic mythology, Cthulu mythos, etc.). For Cthulu mythos just have a vested interest in the occult and the writings of Lovecraft and his friends.

5. This system has very few mechanics to worry about. As such, I am happy and willing to work with you as much as you like to make the character you want work.

6. Modern world, magic is off the table.

7. Your character should have a flaw that gives you some depth. This system works on aspects that are very similar to distinctions from Marvel, so having a flaw that comes up often (in a meaningful way) can have big benefits aside from enriching the story.

Also be sure to check out the Wiki Main Page as I have painstakingly put up everything you need to know about fate to make your characters.

Home Page

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